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Flat Point, Ferryland Head - Ferryland, Newfoundland Click on the image for larger view

Flat Point, Ferryland Head - Ferryland, Newfoundland

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This is a panoramic view of Flat Point and the lighthouse at Ferryland Head
The Town of Ferryland, is located on the ‘Southern Shore’ section of ‘The Irish Loop’, which forms part of the Avalon Peninsula, in the Province of Newfoundland And Labrador, Canada. 

The lighthose is 25 feet high 
Description: Solid red exterior colour. Conical masonry tower sheathed with iron. White light. 

A partial time line dealing with the Ferryland Head Lighthouse. - 

1859-Spring – The Government of Newfoundland enacted a bill to provide a lighthouse at Ferryland. 

1869-July – Inspector Oke and John Nevill travel to Ferryland and select the highest point on Ferryland Head to construct a lighthouse. 

1870 - The Construction of a brick tower to accommodate a ‘fixed gaze’, kerosene oil light. 

1871 - Dioptric light mechanism installed. 
Michael Kearney is appointed the first head lighthouse keeper, with William Costelloas the assistant lighthouse keeper. 

1875 - William Costello is transferred to Cape Pine
Patrick Keough replaces William Costello as assistant keeper. 

1882 - Michael Kearney retired. 
William Costello is transferred back from Cape Pine as head lighthouse keeper
Patrick Keough is assistant lighthouse keeper. 

1883 - Patrick Keough received a medal from The Royal Humane Society for actions taken during the August 3rd wreck of the four masted barquentine Octavia - Patrick Keough died
John Costello-(son of William), became assistant keeper

1905 - William Costello died at the lighthouse. 
John Costello-(William's son became head lighthouse keeper
Gus Costello-(John’s younger brother), became assistant keeper

1921 - New light mechanism installed. 

1927 - John Costello died. 
Gus Costello became head lighthouse keeper

1939 - Gus Costello retired at age 60. 
His son, William “Billy’ Costello became head keeper

1970 - Billy Costello retired. 

Government Of Canada –(Canadian Coast Guard), made the lighthouse an automated facility. It replaced the kerosene lamps with a single 500-watt quartz-iodine lamp that was triggered by a photocell. 

It was the intention of the Canadian Coast Guard to demolish the residential portion- (‘the house’) of the facility. However The Ferryland Historical Society petition theMinister of Transportation, the late Hon. Don Jamieson to intervene in rescuing the‘keeper’s house’
The Ferryland Historical Society did eventually got control of the house 

1970 - Newfoundland artist Gerry Squires leased the ‘keeper’s house’ from The Ferryland Historical Society and lived there until the 1980’s. 

1971- Ferryland is incorporated as the 'Town Of Ferryland'a provincial municipality

1985 - Archaeologists Jim Tulk and associates from the Memorial University of Newfoundland began excavation in the “downs’ area. This area is now a major historic and tourist site. 

Today historical excavation still carries on. 

The ‘Keepers House’ is now a restaurant. It specializing in outdoor picnics and gluten-free food. 
I’ve tried it and it's great. 
Lighthouse Picnics 
Ferryland, Newfoundland 
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