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Evening Calls - Hant's Harbour

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Hant's Harbour, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. 
A panoramic view of the centre of the Town of Hant's Harbour during the early evening. 
The Town of Hants Harbour was incorporated in 1970. However it’s documented history goes back to 1697 when it was reported as having four houses. 
Recent archeological digs by The Baccalieu Trail Heritage Corporation have unearthed bases of stoneware Bellarmine bottles of German origin. Many artifacts may be seen inThe Willow Tree Museum in Hant’s Harbour. 
Hant’s Harbour is a confirmed meeting place of past Portuguese pirates and a site for buried treasure. 
In the Town of Hant’s Harbour there is a Registered Heritage Fishing Premises, theCustard Head Fishing Premise, dating back to 1905. 
The history of Hant’s Harbour has always been connected with ‘the fishery’. 
Today P. Janes and Sons Ltd.,-(in operation since 1929), now operates a large seafood processing plant. It is the main employer for the area and exports its products worldwide. 
Here is a brief and partial timeline of Hant’s Harbour. 
1801_ Five families recorded as residing here. 
1811_ Early date on headstones, still preserved, in the 'old cemetery'. 
1820_ Hant's Harbour's first known church is built. 
1824_ Church records date back to 1824. 
1877_ Hant’s Harbour is an established ship building community. 
7 vessels built in 1877. 
1879_ Completion of telegraph communication between Hearts Content 
and Hant’s Harbour. 
1929_ The Janes family operate a fishng premises. 
1970_ Hant’s Harbour is municipally incorporated as “ The Town Of Hant’s Harbour ”. 
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