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Ron Stone - Stone Island Photography

My love of photography began in early childhood. Both my mother and grandmother were avid photographers as well as expert anglers.

During the early 1970’s I became more serious with photography and supplied The Province of Newfoundland And Labrador with a large photograph of what was, at the time, the new provincial legislature building in Corner Brook, NL.

Upon retiring from the Government of Canada, photography became my new occupation, and, dare I say, passion. The sound of a camera’s shutter captures my attention and creates a desire to get on the road again.

I have always held in awe the true and pure photography Newfoundland and Labrador’s old masters such as: S. H. Parsons, R.H. Parsons, R.O.E. Holloway in St. John’s; and R.T. Parsons of Harbour Grace. The great photographs provided by the early Moravian Missionary in Labrador are also a true treasure. I would like, someday, to be included in such company.

Today, photography is recording history for tomorrow. I want to photograph all 0f my island clothed in it’s ocean mist; showing off it’s jewels of stars, or it’s brilliance in sunbeams. I would also like to photograph more of the Big Land” of Labrador and its majesty.

Another passion, …collecting old Newfoundland and Labrador photographs, regardless of subject, location and, within reason, condition, before they disappear. My thanks to all who have forwarded or emailed such photos to me and permitted my usage of same. Please continue to do so. Together we may preserve a measure of our past for the benefit of the future.

Enjoy Stone Island Photography. Your patronage is always welcome,

always appreciated.

I ask that you not only look at my photographs, … look into them.


Ron E.G. Stone